About Us

The Originals:

heaxfiend 2nd H.V. show 038

Forged in the heat of Lake county Ca.  Hexafiend’s  original members were Hank Wallace (bass) Bob Baily (vocals & guitar) and Peter Moberly (percussion) in 2007 Bob Baily succumbed to MS and with his passing was replaced by Dirk Widman (vocals) and Bryan Schwartz (guitar) Peter Moberly has moved on to other things with the balance of Hexafiend’s members wishing him well. After the percussion seat being filled by Ryan Gymnaites and Then Chris Grant Hexafiend has found some stability and a good sound with Adam Painchaud (Pugsley )  All of the percussion in Hexafiend’s  current CD, with the exception of the title track, was done by Peter Moberly. Ryan Gymnaites filled in for this song and a casual listening will reveal a comparison of Moberly’s machine like precision to Gymnaites energetic and creative fills. Special thanks to Chris Grant for sitting in on percussion thus allowing Hexafiend to continue with their practices.

Hexafiend is/has released their 1st CD (self titled) in October  of 2015 and has appeared in a variety of venues.   As with many bands Hexafiend is difficult to place within a specific genre though it could be argued that the majority of their music could be classified as groove metal, a good example of this would be their song “Prophecy”.  Hexafiend’s  influences would include Satyricon, (Hexafiend often covers Satyricon’s “Fuel for hatred” )  Ministry,  Slayer and others . Hexafiend has been compared to Motorhead by fans though this is probably due to a similarity of sound between Lem’s and Dirk’s vocals.

Hexafiend is progressing and finding their own sound. The reader of this bio. Is encouraged to keep current with Hexafiend’s  activities as the band believes even better things are in store for their fans.